Complete Control

Through state-of-the-art technology, stay connected with your access control system and have complete control over the security of your business from anywhere.

Easy Management

Easily assign unique security codes, key cards, and fobs to new employees or restrict access to former employees. Permit or restrict access to certain zones.

Access control system panel
Track Access

Track who enters the business and when, view access history on your smartphone, and set up text and email alerts for when entry is attempted by an invalid user.

Collaborative Systems

Your access control system will work well with other systems, such as commercial video surveillance so you can have a complete security solution.

Not Just Any Access Control Installer

SPS Fire & Security

At SPS Fire & Security, you aren't working with just any Rochester access control system installer. Instead, you are working with a local company that takes the needs of every client personally. We take the time to listen to you regarding the wants and needs you have for your business. We take that information to show you the options that will meet your needs. Let SPS give you the protections that you and your business deserve.

Free, No-Obligation Consultation

Business security can be as tight and intense as you need it to be. At SPS Fire & Security, we can install a door access control system that gives you the level of security that you desire. It doesn't matter if your business has ten employees or thousands, you can have tiered security with some zones of the business more secure than others. You can also set the permissions for specific users. There is a lot of flexibility so you can have complete control. Call us or contact us online for your free, no obligation consultation and learn about how access control security can change how you protect your business.
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