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How to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Home or Business

Prevent Lock Outs

How to avoid getting locked out of your home or business, is a question that everyone asks. Have you ever walked out of your house and accidentally locked the door without meaning to? Maybe you left the keys lying on the kitchen table, got to your car, and realized you had no keys to start the car. It’s a nightmare because you then have to call a locksmith or crawl through a window (which should be closed and locked). Even if you leave a spare key outside to avoid getting locked out of your home, that in itself isn’t safe because burglars look for keys.

Perhaps you’re a business owner or manager who arrived at your business and realized you left the keys at home. This can happen, especially among those that keep their keys separate from their personal keys. However, personal keys can get lost or, like the scenario above, be locked in the house or even, somehow, locked inside the business.

It would be awful to lose business due to not being able to open on time because of misplaced or locked up keys.

Worse: what if your key broke? That happens and it’s not a pleasant situation at all.

How to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Home or Business

There are some basic ways that you can keep from getting locked out of your home or business:

  1. Give trusted friends and family members spare keys. It’s ideal if they live nearby so they can arrive quickly. The downfall to this is that you might not get fast help if they are busy with something else, such as work.
  2. Keep a spare key in your car. The only issue with this is that your car should be locked when it is parked and not in use. If you lock your keys in the house, you can’t unlock your car. This can work better for business keys since you need your car to get to work.

Consider the Smart Lock

The safest solution out of them all is to install smart locks. You don’t have to have a key to control the locks on your home or business when you have this high-tech solution in place. A smart phone or tablet can be used to access the home or business remotely.

We are all more likely to forget our keys than we are to forget our phones, although it goes both ways at times, but having a good service behind your smart lock can ensure you are taken care of if your keys and your smart phone decide to hang out somewhere you’re not.

Plus, multiple people in the household can have the app. That way, they can remotely unlock the door for you if you’re locked out. This is a much more affordable solution than having to call a locksmith, break a window, or dangerously crawl through a window.

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