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Home Security and Home Automation for Seniors

Smart Homes Protect the Elderly

Home security systems protect anyone of any age, but there are different features that, while they benefit all people, can especially benefit seniors.

Most of all, a home security system, especially one with home automation, can put seniors more in charge of their own security. That also goes for those that may not be as tech savvy. A professional home security company installs the system and teaches the homeowner how to use the system using a smartphone.

Yes, the elderly now carries smartphones, as they have become a way of life, and they use them well.

Fortunately, security systems and automation apps are very easy to use. The learning curve is very small.

Protecting the Elderly from Burglars

The good news is that the violent crime rate is lower among seniors than younger people, but, unfortunately, burglars will target the elderly because they may be in search of pain medications or other medications they can use to satisfy a drug problem. They also believe that senior citizens have money stashed under their mattresses. This means that seniors tend to be the target of property crimes.

One out of five burglary victims are over 65 years old, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. They are seen as easy targets, which is why it is important to lock down the home as much as possible.

Dealing with Environmental Threats

Burglary isn’t the only threat to the elderly. Floods, fires, leaks, carbon monoxide, and other events don’t care about how old someone is. Home security systems can have built-in fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors so the authorities can be notified as soon as possible. A panic button can also be used when there is an emergency and a phone can’t be accessed.

There are different environmental protections put in place to make sure everyone inside the home is protected.

Peace of Mind

Through home automation, seniors can also have control of their home while on vacation. For those that travel a lot, they can have peace of mind that their home is safe through video surveillance that allows them to watch remotely.

If there is ever fear that the doors haven’t been locked, they can be locked remotely. If certain lights need to be turned on each night, they can be. If pets are left at home alone, the thermostat can be controlled.

The sky is the limit when it comes to giving the elderly more control over their homes and lives.

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