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Thinking About Buying a Doorbell Camera? Ask These Questions First

The Doorbell Camera – New But Effective

A doorbell camera gives you a view of what is going on outside and who is passing through whether you are home or not. Because it can be integrated into your home security system, you receive a lot of the features you get with other system components, such as being able to see who is at the door via a mobile application when you’re away.

An example of how the doorbell camera and application work together: let’s say you’re at the beach and someone rings your doorbell. You will get an alert on your smartphone telling you someone is at your door. A video feed will allow you to see that person. Although you can see them, they won’t be able to see you. Since burglars tend to ring the doorbell before breaking into a home, this is a great way to begin taking action before the threat or burglary becomes a reality.

Doorbell cameras also:

  • Protect packages from porch pirates
  • Catch suspicious activity in the front yard and porch area
  • Help you keep an eye on your children
  • Have a “do not disturb” option so sleeping children aren’t disturbed

The list of benefits goes far beyond the short list here, but there are some questions that you must ask before investing in a doorbell camera.

1. What does the installation process entail?

You can have a battery powered or hard-wired doorbell camera. If you choose a battery powered system, the installation process takes less time. A hard-wired system is integrated into the home’s electrical system by a professional and is the most reliable type because batteries can fail.

2. What are the components of a doorbell camera?

A doorbell camera with a microphone and speakers allows you to interact with the person at the door no matter where you are. These cameras also sometimes include night vision, motion detectors that trigger the camera when activity is detected, and there is the actual doorbell that a person pushes to alert you that they are there.

3. How does a doorbell camera stand up to the weather?

The Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo area has been known for its tough weather, but there are ways to further weather-proof your doorbell camera, such as through the purchase of tamper- and weather-proof cases. Most doorbell cameras are built to stand up to tough conditions since they are made to be outside. If you decide you want to further protect the unit, it’s important for the case to be specifically designed for your model.

4. Couldn’t a thief pry the unit off of the house?

Thieves have definitely tried and are largely unsuccessful. Even if a thief was successful at breaking the camera or removing it, the recordings are stored on an external source. Taking out the camera doesn’t have any effect on the recordings.

This is also another reason why professional installation is better than DIY installation.

5. Can I have a doorbell camera integrated into my existing home security system?

The one true way to know if you can integrate a doorbell system into your existing security system is to talk to a home security professional. This is so compatibility can be determined before throwing your money down on this investment. Nonetheless, adding this type of component to your system is the perfect way to initiate a much-needed system upgrade if you are using an older system and want added protection.

In fact, it was reported in 2017 that video doorbell sales were expected to grow 28% per year for the next five years and primarily as a component integrated into existing security systems. While this level of security is still largely limited to the United States, it’s expected to become more mainstream as consumer awareness of this option grows.

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