video surveillance and protecting against porch pirates

Video Surveillance and Fighting Porch Pirates Before the Holidays

Tips to Protect Your Holiday Packages

The holiday shopping season is here, which mean it’s that time of year when we begin conveniently ordering gifts online and having them delivered to our door. Many of us are at work when these packages arrive and, as home video surveillance systems have revealed, some delivery people don’t knock at all because they have so many packages they have to deliver this time of year.

Unfortunately, approximately 23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their front porches after delivery. These thieves are called “porch pirates” and their antics are on the rise as e-commerce sales increase.

According to the Porch Pirate Report by

  • 92% of consumers have their packages delivered to their homes
  • 5% of consumers have their packages delivered to their businesses
  • 1% have packages delivered to a friend’s house, 1% to a neighbor’s house, and 1% to a parent’s house

53% of people have changed plans to ensure they’re home to receive a package, although they aren’t required to sign for it.

Protecting Your Packages

One way you can truly protect your packages is through the installation of a home surveillance system. When there is a camera right outside the door where deliveries are left, you can get all the details. For instance, you can see when the package arrived. This ability doesn’t just help you see a porch pirate in the act, but can also help you solve delivery disputes. Unfortunately, packages can be delivered to incorrect addresses. If the package is marked “delivered” by the delivery company but never arrived, you can guess that someone else received it and initiate a claim with the delivery company.

Simply having the outside camera can deter a porch pirate. If they see a camera pointing right at them, they are more likely to turn around and move on.

Other ways to protect your packages include:

  • Having the package delivered to your work if you are allowed
  • Having the package delivered to a friend, neighbor, or family member who will be home
  • Instructing the delivery company to leave the package at a back door or hidden area

Your Rochester, Syracuse & Buffalo Video Surveillance Experts

There are different ways for protecting your packages, but having a camera by the door is something that can serve you all year round. You will always know who has come to your porch, can be aware if anyone attempted or succeeded to get into your house, and can keep an eye on activities outside of your home. To learn more about you can protect your family and your home, call SPS Fire & Security at 585-770-0348 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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