Crimes solved by video surveillance

Bizarre Crimes Solved by Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance That Sees Everything

Improving video surveillance to solve crime is something that has been on the agenda for many years. Thanks to improved technology, that has become possible. Today’s home and business surveillance systems have much clearer images, which helps authorities catch thieves and other people up to no good when they enter a property. In fact, ABC News reported in 2013 that private surveillance cameras were catching more criminals.

Below are some of the most bizarre crimes that were ever caught on security video cameras.

Drive-By Pizza

On July 9, 2017, an 18-year-old teenager was arrested after he threw an entire pizza from his car at a pedestrian. That pedestrian happened to be a homeowner standing on the sidewalk within the range of his residential security camera. Although the pizza didn’t hit the man, the teenager was hit with an assault charge.

Armed with Hot Dog Tongs

Armed robbery can be a very traumatic experience for the victim, but imagine being a convenience store worker and the robber’s weapon of choice being a pair of hot dog tongs from the store you are working in. This really happened in 2012. Instead of a finger gun, banana, or a bottle of water, the robber armed himself with hot dog tongs. The robber proceeded to threaten customers and demand money from all of them. The police arrived and arrested the man for armed robbery.

Kidnapping of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither

While this one doesn’t produce the giggles like assault by pizza or armed hot dog tong robbery, it does show you the serious business of good video surveillance. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was a 22-year-old nursing assistant who was taken right off the street. Video caught footage of the vehicle the assailant was driving. Authorities found out who they were looking for and this wasn’t his first crime.

Shootings, Assaults, and More

Outside surveillance cameras have also caught shootings, assaults, people cashing fraudulent checks, and so much more. It’s important for homes, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, retail establishments, and office buildings to be outfitted with the proper video surveillance. Not only does the footage protect each of these establishments, but can protect others outside within the perimeter.

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