DIY Security System Dangers

DIY Security System Dangers in Small Businesses

Small business owners in Monroe County, NY and the surrounding areas strive to protect what they have worked  hard to build. That’s why so many purchase a DIY security system. They’re looking for a quick install at a minimal cost. However, these systems aren’t as simple as you might think and have the potential cost more than a professionally installed security system.

The following is a list of dangers that come with DIY security systems:

1. The DIY Security System Lacks Professional Precision

Professional security system installers in Monroe County have years of experience that can’t be obtained by reading a user manual or watching YouTube videos. Instead, the professionals bring priceless expertise. This experience lends itself to a precise install. It’s important for sensors to be placed in the correct locations and cameras to be angled properly.

Additionally, doing a DIY install requires answers to these questions:

  • What are the most vulnerable areas?
  • How many cameras are needed to cover the vulnerable areas?
  • Where should motion and glass break sensors be placed?
  • Are you able to hide wiring so it isn’t accessible to criminals?
  • Does installing equipment yourself void the parts warranty?
  • How will an emergency be handled if you’re unable to tend to it?

Another question to ask is what will happen if a motion sensor or camera stops working? Many DIY systems operate on a single frequency, so there isn’t a failsafe if it stops working.

Fortunately, a professional security system company will take care of the details, installation, and set you up on a 24/7 monitoring plan so that emergencies are taken care of quickly. These are a few of the major differences between DIY and professional installation.

2. No or Minimal 24/7 Monitoring

Since 24/7 monitoring was just mentioned in this article, it’s a good time to talk about it in more detail. This is one of the most important parts of working with a security company.

Yes, the upfront costs of DIY security systems might be less, but 24/7 monitoring is a feature that is usually missing. Even if a system says that monitoring is available with a subscription, do your research. It’s typical to learn that it’s not the same monitoring you get with a professional installer.

3. Questionable Equipment Quality and Reliability

Many people who have purchased security cameras from the local Costco or Walmart found that the systems have some issues. Common problems include cameras that freeze, false notifications, and complete equipment failure.

Some common DIY security system problems include faulty sensors and no contact with authorities when a break-in occurs. One major issue is that these systems are commonly hacked.

With a professionally installed system, you get high-quality equipment that comes with guarantees and service. Furthermore, the installation comes with great service and a commitment to the security of your business. It’s personal service you don’t get otherwise.

With that said, it is worth the additional upfront cost to properly secure your business. In the meantime, you build a relationship with a reliable company. That in itself comes with many benefits.

Contact A Monroe County, NY Security System Installer

Having a DIY system isn’t better than having nothing at all. Such systems have vulnerabilities that can result in significant losses. Contact SPS Fire & Security today at 585-770-0348 today to learn more about the options available to you.



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