Bizarre Crimes Solved by Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance That Sees Everything Improving video surveillance to solve crime is something that has been on the agenda for many years. Thanks to improved technology, that has become possible. Today’s home and business surveillance systems have much clearer images, which helps authorities catch thieves and other people up to no good when they enter […]

Home Security – Securing Your Home for Winter Vacation

Home Security and Home Prep Tips If you’re like many people in the Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo area, you go south for the winter or travel during the holidays. According to the AAA, more than 103 million Americans will  travel 50 or more miles between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. That’s a lot of people! […]

IP Cameras Versus Analog Security Cameras

Distinguishing the Difference Between Security Camera Types Analog security cameras have been around for a long time, which makes one wonder if an IP security camera is going to be worth the investment. Let’s look at the analog camera: On crime dramas, you see a group of officers gathered around the department techie, watching him […]