Keeping Your Valuables Secure in Your Home

Protect Your Most Important Items We automatically assume that our homes are the safest places for our valuables. This means putting things wherever they land instead of locking them away. Jewelry, for instance, may be stored in an unlocked jewelry box. Important documents that contain valuable information may be placed in a desk drawer or […]

What Smoke Detector Better Suits Your Home?

Choose the Right Smoke Detector If you are like many people, you probably didn’t know that there are different kinds smoke detectors, which means you would probably go to the hardware store and get the first one that you see. Every year, there are many people either injured or killed due to home-related fires. The […]

Keeping Your Home Safe During Halloween

Easily Protect Your Home on Halloween It’s almost that time of year when the ghouls and goblins come knocking at doors, asking for a trick or a treat. If you aren’t home because you are enjoying Halloween festivities or taking your own children to knock on doors, the last thing you want is for the […]

9 Tips to Prevent False Alarms

Stop False Alarms Before They Happen A false alarm can be irritating, but can also result in others being inconvenienced. False alarms startle household pets and irritate neighbors. A false alarm is also an inconvenience for emergency services and others that they need to serve. Excessive false alarms can even cause a person to not […]