Airport Safety Tips & Personal Security

Stay Safe While Traveling After hearing about Rochester International Airport receiving suspicious bomb threats on Thursday December 29, 2016, people who travel by plane should take airport safety tips seriously. These tips will assist you in making sure that you have safe travels. Keep Yourself Safe at Home as Well! Many people were either coming […]

Why Carbon Monoxide Detectors are a Must

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Carbon monoxide detectors are important devices to have in the home or business. Not all homes have carbon monoxide detectors and, to be completely honest, it is very crucial.     However, you are probably asking why you need the carbon monoxide detector, what does the detector do, and how does […]

Former Burglars Reveal Reasons for Targets

Why Do Burglars Choose Certain Homes? Did you know that 71.9 percent of burglars target homes? That’s a staggering number. This figure was released by an NBC affiliate that sent surveys to convicted burglars throughout New Jersey and Jew York. The idea was to uncover the strategies that they used to break into homes. Below […]