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Former Burglars Reveal Reasons for Targets

Why Do Burglars Choose Certain Homes?

Did you know that 71.9 percent of burglars target homes? That’s a staggering number.

This figure was released by an NBC affiliate that sent surveys to convicted burglars throughout New Jersey and Jew York. The idea was to uncover the strategies that they used to break into homes. Below is what they found out, which is important for you to know so you can boost your home security and keep you and your family safe.

The Biggest Findings

The biggest findings had to do with unlocked windows. Forty-two percent of the burglars that completed the survey said that they entered their target homes through unlocked windows. Thirty-eight percent of them entered through unlocked doors.

That is a lot of people leaving their doors and windows unlocked.

The most common place they found valuables was in the bedroom. This was the first place that 75 percent of burglars looked after they broke in.

The most targeted items were cash and jewelry. 84 percent of them went for cash and 80 percent of them went for the jewelry.

Home security alarms do scare off burglars. Forty-two percent of burglars said that they left immediately when they saw an alarm system.

Give Your Home Security a Boost

If you don’t have a home security alarm, it is time to invest because that is the biggest deterrent when it comes to burglars entering your home. Here are some tips to help you give your home security the bump that you need:

  • Install image sensors near all your windows or doors so that activity can be detected. If activity is detected, then the notification is sent to the monitoring center and to you.
  • Smart lights are very good because they trigger at random times. This makes it appear as if someone is home although they aren’t. The lights can also be set to respond to certain events, such as movement in the home. If someone breaks in, a light can come on, and that can make the burglar go away.
  • Surveillance cameras where there are high-valued items can be very useful. You can also place them near windows and doors. They can be placed inside and out.

Back to the monitored home security alarm, one burglar gave advice to his own mother and that was for her to invest in an alarm system for her home so she would be protected. That says a lot when a burglar is telling his mother to protect herself against people like him.

Other Security Tasks

In addition to the items listed above, there are other things that you can do aside from keeping windows and doors locked and installing a security system.

One thing is to make sure you lock your valuables away in a safe. Because burglars like to look in bedrooms first, you don’t want those things hiding under a mattress or in a drawer. If the safe is one that can be bolted to the floor or installed in a wall, you won’t lose those items.

Also, never keep valuables sitting where a burglar can look through a window and see them. When they case the house, they are going to look through windows to see what they can steal.

During the holiday season or even around birthdays, don’t leave empty boxes to electronics out with the trash. When a burglar sees that you have gotten a new television or computer, they are more likely to break into your home to steal those items.

Make sure your windows and doors are locked while you’re inside. It is preached often that you need to lock them when you leave, but there are burglaries that happen while the occupants are home. This can be a very frightening experience. Make sure your doors are locked, windows are locked, and that your home security system is armed. That way if someone enters your home, your security system will alert you and the monitoring center will be alerted as well.

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