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How Reliable are Wireless Home Security Systems?

The Wired vs. Wireless Debate

How reliable are wireless home security systems, is always a huge debate. There are wired home security systems and wireless home security systems, which is something you probably already know. The question is which one do you choose?

Well, we’re going to make it easy.

There are people that choose wired over wireless, but there are advantages of a wireless security system. Three of those key advantages are: lower cost, installation flexibility, and better reliability.

With nearly 4 million burglaries happening per year, it’s imperative to have a home security system.When you have such a deterrent in place, it makes your home a less likely target. When burglars see a security system, especially a wireless home security system, they are more likely to turn away.

Just take a look at this video where a convicted burglar talks about what he looked for (we posted this on our Facebook page because this has some seriously good information you need to know):

Wireless Home Security System Reliability

The main reason why burglars fear wireless systems is because they don’t just need electricity to remain powered. If there is a power outage, a wired home security system will turn off. This would leave your home vulnerable at that time. So, if you are at home, at work, or on vacation, you don’t have to worry about a power outage opening your home up to burglars.

Unfortunately, burglars look for wired systems because all they have to do is cut the phone lines outside to make the system useless.

Flexible Installation and Use of Wireless Alarm Systems

Flexible installation factors into the cost reduction. When your wireless home security system installer isn’t having to run a lot of wires in difficult places, the amount of time it takes to install the system is reduced. The absence of wires cuts down the materials that must be used and allows for installation in some of those places that wired systems won’t allow.

Wired security systems also won’t allow you to take it with you if you move without incurring a significant expense. Wireless systems can move with you.

There’s also the added convenience of being able to access wireless home security systems from smartphones. You can keep track of surveillance cameras and more or less monitor your entire system when you are gone. You then have 24/7 monitoring on top of that so that help is summoned to your residence as soon as possible. As the former burglar in the video stated, he wouldn’t mess with wireless systems because he couldn’t disarm them and the authorities would be on the way too fast. Instead, he would simply move on.

Contact A Rochester Wireless Security Systems Installer

When faced with the choice between wired and wireless home security systems, it is worth giving wireless a look. You can weigh the pros and cons by asking an experienced security system installer about how the benefits that are specific to you. SPS Fire & Security serves the Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and surrounding areas and you can call 585-770-0348 or use the contact form to get your free, no obligation consultation.

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