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Discovering the Truth About DIY Security Systems

DIY vs. Professional Security Alarm installation

Discovering the truth about DIY security systems is a very important topic to keep in mind these days. Keeping your home or business safe is important because of the time and money you have put into your space. Putting a security alarm system in place is one of the protective methods to implement. However, the question is what is the best route for doing so:

  • Install a security system yourself
  • Invest in a door alarm system
  • Professional security system installation

We are going to look at all three of these.

DIY Security System Alarm Installation

There are DIY systems out there, but there are some things to consider:

Wiring: At least some kind of electrical wiring may be required. If you’re not an electrician or a home security specialist, it can be easy to make a wrong move that could be dangerous. One of the biggest mistakes, however, is installing the system in a way that it doesn’t work.

Maintenance: Some type of upkeep is required. Since security systems can have many components (cameras, sensors, etc.), the DIY installer is responsible for every component working correctly or the system could be pointless to have.

Extras: There are certain extras that are missing from a DIY system. For instance, monitoring companies will not monitor a self-installed security system. Other features such as smoke detection or carbon monoxide detection may be missing. Overall, the equipment tends to be less sophisticated.

The Truth: People are discovering the truth about DIY security systems through installation complications and being able to keep up with the maintenance. The worst way to find out is when a break-in happens and the lack of monitoring means the authorities aren’t notified.

Door Alarm Systems

Door alarm systems tend to be the least sophisticated. A sensor is placed on doors and windows and an alarm sounds if an intruder breaks into the home or business.

Wiring: These systems tend to be wireless. Sensors wirelessly communicate with an alarm box that may plug into the wall. The range of these systems can be limited, so the box may have to be located close to the sensors. A knowledgeable intruder can tell the difference between this type of system and one that connects to a monitoring center that will call the police.

Maintenance: These systems are inexpensive, but the individual sensors may require batteries that must be replaced more often than you can keep up with.

Extras: You may be able to add more sensors. If these sensors start to go out of the alarm box’s range, additional systems may have to be purchased to hopefully scare away any intruders.

Truth: Aside from there not being a monitoring service, people have learned that these systems are just as effective as not having any protection at all. Burglars are aware of these burglary-friendly systems.

Professional Security System Installation

A professional system will have a monthly cost associated with it, but the following should be considered:

Wiring: Any wiring that must be installed is done by a professional who will exercise the latest safety methods. Everything is done according to local and state regulations.

Maintenance: If something is wrong with your system, you can call your security alarm installer and the problem can be quickly rectified. There are certain guarantees that you are given to protect the integrity of your system and the home or business it’s protecting.

Extras: You get the 24/7 security monitoring, sensors where you need them, fire protection, carbon monoxide protection, video surveillance if you want it, home automation if you want to automate certain functions within your home, and smartphone monitoring so you can monitor your home or business while you’re away.

Truth: Homeowners and business owners are experiencing peace of mind from having properly installed systems that are monitored, not to mention the freedom from system maintenance.

Rochester, Buffalo & Syracuse Professional Security Alarm Installation

Don’t miss out on what professional security system installation can provide you. Through professional installation, you can effectively protect what you care about. Plus, you can get some great extras that truly make your system work for you. To learn more or to take the first step toward protecting your home or business, call SPS Fire & Security at 585-770-0348.

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