Access control for business

Access Control Systems for Business

How Access Control Protects Your Business

What is an Access Control System? An Access control System is a reliable, secure and convenient way to control the traffic flow of employees and visitors who enter and exit a building.

Some of the facility types that integrate access control into their security include:

  • Office buildings (17% of installations)
  • Industrial manufacturing (13% of installations)
  • Hospitals, schools, and universities (12% of installations)
  • Government facilities (11% of installations)
  • Financial institutions (9% of installations)
  • Retail establishments (9% of installations)
  • Warehousing/Trucking industry (9% of installations)
  • Utilities (6% of installations)
  • Gaming and hospitality industries (5% of installations0
  • Mass public transportation facilities (4% of installations)

The other 5% of installations belong to residential applications.

Access Control Systems allow companies to monitor the entrance and exiting of the employees. Through computer software, you can track and report dates, times and how many times employees or visitors have entered and exited the facility.

Many companies nowadays are changing over to an access control system where the employees either need a secured registered ID card, a pin number or a fingerprint instead of sets of multiple keys to gain access to different parts of the facility. Converting to an access control system will allow more areas to be restricted to visitors or employees not authorized to enter those areas.

Protecting Employees with Access Control

It is always a sigh of relief to be able to work late in a safe protected environment. With this system, employers can relax knowing that their business is protected and employees can be ensured that unwanted individuals can not enter. If an unauthorized individual tries to access the facility, they aren’t going to be able to. Trying could also constitute a call to authorities to determine why the person was there trying to access the facility. If they did manage to enter, video surveillance can be used to determine who did it and what they did. Access control is almost always accompanied by security cameras.

Low Maintenance and Customized To Your Company’s Needs

Thousands of businesses can benefit from a customized easy low maintenance system. This type of system can easily be used with a register card, finger print or password. It all depends on what the employer finds works best for them. With many businesses having employees that have access to many different areas located in their businesses, with access control as the employer you can limit what areas employees can enter.

Access Control for the Rochester Metro, Syracuse Metro, and Buffalo Metro

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