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Five Ways to Avoid Identity Theft

How to Protect Your Identity

Many people over the years have found that with the busyness of family gatherings, it’s so much easier to do their holiday shopping online. Unfortunately, identity theft via a computer or internet is the easiest way to gain access to an individual’s identity. Yes, just like a home alarm system keeps out burglars, anti-virus and anti-malware software can keep out thieves. Nonetheless, you have to take precautions.

Below, you will find five ways to avoid identity theft when using your computer to make online purchases. Also remember that identity theft can also occur if a thief breaks into your home and takes personal documents. Having an alarm system in place will help prevent this from happening and, if it does, video surveillance is a great way to identify the perp.

1. Pay Close Attention to Accounts

Always make sure that you are watching your bank and credit accounts. If you notice any unusual activity, make sure that you report it right away.

2. Never Give Out You Social Security Number

Most banks and credit card companies will ask you for the last four digits of your social security number. Don’t give it out unless it is a bank or credit card company that you are associated with. That is one of the easiest ways a thief can get access to your account information. You can ask for a callback number so you can call them back and give your information. This can ensure that you are really talking to your financial institution.

3. Make Sure to Shred All Papers with Personal Information

If your home doesn’t already have a paper shredder, it would be a great investment. You should be shredding all documents that have any personal information such as account numbers, partial social security numbers, and home addresses. As referenced earlier, a thief can break into your home and steal personal information for the purpose of identity theft. Again, having an alarm system installed can be a major theft deterrent.

4. Make Passwords Secure

Never make passwords words or characters that someone could easily figure out. Plus, don’t write your passwords down and leave them around the house so that anyone could get them. Make your passwords words and characters that only you know and don’t give out your passwords to anyone that you don’t trust.

5. Use Protection On The Computer

If you do a lot of home shopping from your computer, make sure that you have some computer security installed. Some proper security that you could install on your computer would be firewalls and spyware. Each one of the programs can keep your computer and identity safe from viruses and hackers. Make sure that the programs are updated before shopping online to secure that you have the best safety.

Having knowledge of identity theft could save you from any harm happening to you this holiday season. One other way to protect not only you but your children is to teach them about identity theft. Teach your children not to give out any information to anyone that they don’t know or to anyone online.

While identity theft is certainly something to watch out for during the holiday season, it defiantly should not keep you from doing your holiday shopping at your own comfort of your home computer. By following these tips, you can continue to enjoy the internet from just about anywhere. And don’t forget that an alarm system is also a valuable component in avoiding identity theft.

Protect Yourself Better with SPS Fire & Security

Although SPS Fire & Security is a home and business security alarm company, our services can keep burglars out that can steal your personal information. Unfortunately, thieves will acquire credit cards, social security cards, and important documents for the purpose of committing identity theft.

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