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Home Automation: Making Your Smartphone a Home Security Tool

Smart Home Connectivity

Today’s security systems are much different than those that were installed 10 or more years ago. Today, you can make your smartphone a part of the system through home automation. Security systems are also much smarter than they used to be, as you can control everything from your lights to your thermostat from wherever you are.

SPS Fire & Security can set you up with a smart home system that will give you peace of mind and freedom when you’re on the go

A Rundown of Home Automation

Here’s a rundown of how automating your home works:

  1. You have climate control capabilities that allow you to regulate the temperature of your home without using your thermostat. In other words, you can change the temperature from your couch or from a hotel in Hawaii. All you need is your smartphone and the applicable app.
  1. Watch your home security camera feed so you can monitor your home at all times. You can view multiple home security cameras at once and it is all live! If you want to see if the cat is climbing the curtains, you can do that. If you need to make sure no one has broken into the home, you can watch your feed to see if there is anything suspicious. If a break-in has happened, video footage can be used to catch the culprit.
  1. Turn on your interior and exterior lights to make it look like someone is home when no one is. You can also set rules for your lights so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn lights on and off through the app. All this can be controlled through the app.
  1. If motion sensors are activated at your home, the app will send an alert to your smartphone so you are aware of what’s going on.
  2. You can arm and disarm your home alarm system remotely. This can give friends or family access while you’re gone. Instead of giving away your code, you can let them in when they need in.

As you can see, home automation is amazing in that it gives you more flexibility, peace of mind, and control. One of the worst feelings is going on vacation and wondering if you adjusted the thermostat accordingly, locked the door, or set the alarm. If you have a smartphone, you have the control you need.

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Home automation is becoming the way of the home security world as more homeowners want control. Even business owners are getting in on the technology.

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